Join Travis Credit Union Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative!

The Travis Credit Union Foundation is giving non-profit organizations in our communities an opportunity to raise funds for their COVID-19 response!

Non-profit organizations will be listed on the Travis Credit Union Foundation’s Community Funding page until September 30, 2020. Each organization will have an opportunity to raise up to $20,000 through the COVID-19 Relief Initiative and receive matching funds of an equal amount from Travis Credit Union.

Travis Credit Union is making $700,000 available in matching funds for each of its core counties: Contra Costa, Merced, Napa, Solano and Yolo. The remaining matching funds will be made available to healthcare organizations in the communities.

The Travis Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to lifting communities through financial wellness.  Financial wellness looks different today than it did earlier this year.  While business shutdowns, self-quarantines and “shelter in home” orders have kept people safe from the virus, they have also limited the capacity of families to access income, food and much needed resources.  Community organizations are continuing to provide more services with less resources. To meet this demand for support in our communities, the Travis Credit Union Foundation is raising funds for local charities.

We appreciate Travis Credit Union’s generous commitment to matching $4 million in donations for local COVID-19 relief efforts,” said Damian Alarcon, president, Travis Credit Union Foundation. “Our COVID-19 Relief Initiative through community funding is a wonderful opportunity for Travis Credit Union to double the impact of individual donors.  This initiative helps us to accomplish even more together.”

Individuals and charities are welcome to learn more about joining our COVID-19 Relief Initiative by visiting