Military Financial Wellness Campaign

Support those who protect us



You can help the Travis Credit Union Foundation in building financially empowered communities through supporting financial literacy, education, scholarships and disaster relief efforts.   Financial literacy empowers individuals to make more informed decisions about their money, thus improving their quality of life.  This is particularly important for those serving or who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Just as our military service members are dedicated to protecting our country, we are dedicated to supporting them – by providing free financial guides designed to guide our military members through all stages of their career:

These financial guides are a vital to the Financial Fitness component of the Air Force’s Comprehensive Airmen Fitness Program.

Donate today and join us helping our military service members build personal financial wellness.

100% of your donation goes back to the community

Wing Level $500+

  • Wing Level $500+

    John Evalle

Group Level $100 - $499

  • Group Level  $100 - $499

    Paul Bergerot

Squadron level $25 - $99

  • Squadron level $25 - $99

    Christopher Johnson

  • Squadron level $25 - $99

    Will Peralta

Flight level $10 - $24

  • Flight level $10 - $24

    Mike Thompson

  • Flight level $10 - $24

    Bob Richards

  • Flight level $10 - $24

    Mary Hamperson

  • Flight level $10 - $24

    Martha Timothy