Travis Credit Union Foundation Donates $40K to the Leaven

The Travis Credit Union Foundation is contributing $40,000 to the Leaven to support  after-school mentoring and tutoring programs to low-income neighborhoods where high dropout rates and gangs threaten the community. This donation was made possible with donations received through Travis Credit Union Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative, which were generously matched by Travis Credit Union.  The Leaven is the first of many organizations participating in this initiative to raise the full $20,000 and receive a $20,000 matching gift from Travis Credit Union.

“We greatly appreciate this grant as these important funds are crucial,” stated Mark Lillis, executive director of the Leaven.   “We lost two of our fundraisers from not being able to meet with COVID-19. Without these emergency funds, we would not be able to have the financial resources to remotely assist the hundreds of students who were left with very little educational assistance while the school season was terminated.”

The Travis Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to lifting communities through financial wellness.  Financial wellness looks different today than it did earlier this year.  While business shutdowns, self-quarantines and “shelter in home” orders have kept people safe from the virus, they have also limited the capacity of families to access income, food and much needed resources.  Community organizations are continuing to provide more services with less resources. To meet this demand for support in our communities, the Travis Credit Union Foundation is raising funds for local non-profits who provide these essential resources. 

“We are focusing where we know funds will immediately recirculate and strengthen communities, creating authentic community impact and financial wellness.  We continue seeking more resources to help non-profits (501c3) survive and innovate as we all prepare for a ‘new normal’ in the aftermath of COVID-19.” – Damian Alarcon, President, Travis Credit Union Foundation.