Travis Credit Union Foundation Donates $70,000 to the NorthBay HealthCare Foundation

Jami Gill was able to spend an extra special few days together with her mother, Carol Coleman before she passed away. Thanks to the Bereavement, Dream of a Lifetime Program, she was able to travel from the East Coast to be by her mother’s side.

The Travis Credit Union Foundation is contributing $70,000 to the NorthBay HealthCare Foundation to support the NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement program. This donation was made possible with a generous gift from an individual donor and matching funds from Travis Credit Union.
“We sincerely appreciate the support of the Travis Credit Union Foundation.” says Jeanne Dennis, Executive Director, North Bay at Home and Hospice and Bereavement.  “This gift will allow us to expand access to Hospice Care in Solano County, invest in physical education and in the development of the Deferred Grief Support Program to respond to the needs of those who were unable during this time of COVID-19 to be with a loved one at the time of death or to grieve with others at funerals and memorial services.” “Thank you for your generosity.”
The Travis Credit Union Foundation is dedicated to lifting communities through financial wellness.  Financial wellness looks different today than it did earlier this year.  While business shutdowns, self-quarantines and “shelter in home” orders have kept people safe from the virus, they have also limited the capacity of families to access income, food and much needed resources.  Community organizations are continuing to provide more services with less resources. To meet this demand for support in our communities, the Travis Credit Union Foundation is raising funds for local non-profits.
“We are grateful for the generous matching gift provided by the Travis Credit Union.  With it we were able to double our donor’s impact, allowing us to do more for the NorthBay Healthcare Foundation. We are looking forward to raising more funds to continue to help non-profits in our communities.” – Damian Alarcon, President, Travis Credit Union Foundation