Ways To Give

100% of your contribution goes to the cause and the community!

You might be surprised to know that not every dollar you give to most charities goes to people and communities in need. In fact, an average of twenty cents of every dollar donated goes to expenses like employee salaries and fundraising efforts. Twenty cents does not seem like a lot but it adds up quickly. If you donate $3,000, $600 of that money goes to administrative costs. The Travis Credit Union Foundation is unique in that we maximize every cent of your donation and achieve 100% impact in your community.

We are the only nonprofit solely focused on financial education, financial literacy and financial advocacy in the 12 counties we serve.
When we spread ourselves too thin through multiple giving efforts, we can do a little for many people. When we focus our efforts with laser-like intensity on what we believe is the root cause of many community issues, we have an opportunity to make lasting change for this generation and generations to come. Financial education and literacy will directly lift communities and help people live better.

We directly benefit your community.
We are creating a win/win situation for those who donate and for those who benefit from your generous contributions. When you give to the Foundation, your funds stay local in the communities you care about. What is your return-on-investment? Financially literate communities have lower crime rates, higher property values, thriving businesses and healthier, happy people. In addition, in the event of local disasters, you will be able to keep your money local through the Foundation.

Otherwise, donations are accepted:

Thank you for supporting the Travis Credit Union Foundation. Together, we’re helping people and communities live better!